Do It Yourself Credit Card Settlement The Fastest Way To Peace Of Mind

Do it yourself Credit card debt settlement is like getting a new lease on life. All those nagging phone calls from collectors and creditors will become history and the letters will stop. And now more than ever creditors are taking what they can get, or what you can give them.

You can approach do it yourself debt settlement in 1 way. Stop paying, get behind, save your money and get on the phone playing the big guy or gal. So there is a little more to it than that.

Do it yourself debt settlement, is by far the fastest and cheapest way to go about debt settlement. Is it the easiest in my opinion, yes. Because I am the one calling the shots. Meaning I don’t have to rely on some guy in an office somewhere in Boise, Idaho with 321 other credit accounts to step up to plate for me. By the way I randomly picked Boise Idaho. But you get the point. Plus the the greatest thing is not only am I saving thousands of dollars doing it myself, but it makes me responsible for MY own financial status.

The other way is paying a debt settlement company to do it for you. There are hordes of people and companies that advertise credit card debt settlement in one day or something of that kind which will look just fantastic. Such credit card debt settlement offers/advice are generally not genuine. Plus know that debt settlement will not happen over night. So, beware of the agencies offering miracles. But this post is about do it yourself or DIY debt settlement.

Here are some quick tips for do it yourself credit card settlement:

* Gather your statements and original paperwork if you have it
* Order a copy of your credit report
* Total up how much you owe (balance, fees, rates)
* Know your history like how long you have been with the creditor
* Make the call

That is it a nutshell, but you want to come across as knowing your account just as good or better than they do.

Always remain calm and never take the first offer.

Your future plans are important and creating a plan, mindset, and lifestyle that will keep you out of debt is just as important as the debt settlement process.

Create a plan to start over, and new beginning if you will. The Money Mastering Mindset is not just reserved for the affluent people of the world, its meant for you.

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