Some Tips To Prevent Identity Theft

It is estimated that more than ten million people are affected as a result of identity theft in the US. Identity theft is a distressing activity in which thieves use your personal information including credit cards, debit cards, drivers license, social security number, and ATM cards in order to commit crime, that may be simple to critical which may even sometimes lead to the loss of your job or reputation. From conventional yet common ways like pickpocketing your wallet and purses and phone spam to dumpster diving and skimming that is cloning your sensitive information using a kind of special device, a variety of options is adopted by thieves to retrieve your personal information in order to gain personal benefits. Whatever the method used for identity theft, the after effects of identity theft is quite upsetting, and can create serious issues in the victims life. Listed below are some important tips that help you to prevent identity theft.

About 50% of identity theft occurring in the nation is obtained through stolen wallet. Hence, never carry more than one credit card or debit card in your wallet. Further, unless necessary, never carry such valid information as social security card in your wallet.
Be careful when you insert your ATM card and enter the PIN number at the ATM counter. In other words, ensure that no one is peeking at PIN number while you type it.
A criminal may sometimes search your mail box in order to access your most important information. Hence, consider using a post office box.
Likewise, be careful when you throw your bills, as criminals may use a practice namely dumpster diving in order to retrieve your most valid information. Hence, check several times prior to throwing a bill or a piece of paper.
With the introduction of the internet, more and more people become victim of identity theft online. It is therefore recommended to install the latest anti virus software. Further, never reply to emails asking for your credit card information or other personal details.
Equally important is to be careful while you receive phone calls requesting for your credit card or bank account details, as a legitimate financial institution never makes a call out of the blue asking for your personal details.
Track your bank account as well as credit card statements regularly. This would help you to easily trace out unscrupulous transactions, if any.

Above all, the usage of such options as iWallet can also help you prevent identity theft. With biometric scanner, iWallet is a high tech cash and credit card wallet, whose specialty is that it could be opened only if it recognizes your finger print.

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