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Applying for Individual Pan Card Verification

Indian Government issues one unique number or PAN Card to identify by IT law to all entities. This number comprise of an alpha numeric number or code under Income Tax India Act 1961. This pan card serves as one significant identity proof and National Identification Number is its equivalent. PAN Card India comprise of a number, whose first 5 characters are English letters, then four numbers and then a single English letter. Other PAN Card details include name of assessee, birth date, father’s name, passport size photo of assessee and signature. PAN Card Details Information provide by a PAN Card is of many uses, particularly in several financial transactions whole across India. One should furnish details of PAN Card over tax returns, correspondence of any kind towards IT department and over challans for a payment to IT department. On purchase or sale of an immovable property valuing 5 lakh rupees or more, information of PAN Card of both parties should disclose in a document of purchase or sale deed. If you deposit an amount, which is rupees 50000 or more into any Post Office Saving Scheme or banking organization then you should furnish details of your PAN Card. Applying for Individual Pan Card Verification Contract of purchase or sale of securities, such as bonds, debentures, derivatives, government securities, shares and units exceeding value of one lakh rupees then you are liable to provide you PAN Card information. If you apply in a bank to open your bank account, apply for a basic telephone or a mobile connection, apply to issue you a credit card, then all these transactions are those for which it is must to provide details of your PAN Card. Any kind of cash payment, which exceeds limit of 50000 rupees for purchasing bank drafts, bankers cheque or pay orders in one single day, it brings up a necessity of putting up information of PAN Card of a firm or an individual. Payments for bills exceeding 25000 rupees in a restaurant or hotel at a single point needs an assessee to provide PAN Card details. PAN Card India of an individual is very significant identity proof, which gives identification to that individual as India’s citizen. It is unaffected by change in address even within Indian states unlike a Passport, Ration Card, etc. It is a very convenient and simple procedure of applying for a PAN Card ensured by IT department. All you need is submission of Application Form No. 49A. You can download this application form from UTI Investor Services Ltd or National Securities Depository Ltd website and take a print out of it. This form is available at TIN Facilitation Centres and IT PAN service centres. You then need to fill this form and submit at a nearest centre along with requisite fee. Pan card verification is significant for checking authenticity of holder of PAN Card. You can easily perform your pan card verification by going to NSDL website. If your PAN Card is valid, then website will return status as -valid and existing’. Else, it will return status as -Fake PAN’.