The Business Credit Card Summary Box

Foreign Usage

If you travel much, you will also want to check out the fees that might be attached when you make a foreign transaction. This would occur when you either make a purchase or get foreign cash. You can expect to be charged a fee for either action, and cash transactions may have a minimum fee.

Default Charges

Just like regular credit cards, a business credit card will also add charges for the most common problems. This can be for late payments, going over your business credit limit, or for a returned payment or returned cheque. A common amount charged for this fee is 12, but it may differ with some cards.

Getting the ideal business credit card is one that gives you the best benefits for your business. There is more to the decision than simply looking at the interest rate. By going over and comparing the information in the credit card summary box of several cards, you can easily determine which one is right for you.

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