The Lowdown on Discover Miles Card

If you are looking for a Discover credit card, then you would be spoilt for choice. With the many variations of Discover credit cards, each with its own reward program, you will need to get the lowdown of each in order to make the right choice.

The Miles Card from Discover is a travel rewards card that awards cardholders with one Mile for every dollar charged to the Discover Miles card. In fact, you will be awarded 5000 Bonus Miles instantly upon the first purchase made with your Discover Miles card.

These Miles can then be redeemed for free flight tickets on any major U.S. airline, gift certificates, cash returns or even branded merchandise. Additionally, redemption for vacation cruise packages as well as certificates for dining privileges, hotels and car rental services is also part of their paraphernalia of rewards.

The downside to this is that only a maximum of 60,000 Miles can be earned for each card account within a year. However, just like other travel reward cards, miles accumulated will not expire as long as the account is kept active for three years running.

Whats more, customers can now view their total collected Miles in their monthly billing statements or for faster updates, through their online account. The only drawback about the Discover Miles Card is that airline miles are non-transferable even between Discover Card holders. However, anyone who is listed in the account as a fellow card member are eligible to redeem miles collected as long as the airline miles are only deducted from that account.

Finally, airline tickets must be booked at least three weeks (21 days) in advance and customers can fly at any time of the year as there are no blackout dates. Furthermore, if the customer has 10,000 Miles at hand, they can always ask for a reduced price on their ticket. In the event that a customer wishes to close an account, they are given the option to exchange the remaining Miles they have for cash, as long as there is at least 5000 Miles in the account. There is no time to waste; it is time to discover the world with your own Discover Miles Card.

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