What is Virtual Credit Card

A Virtual Credit card is a Prepaid Credit card which enables you to use the online shopping facility in a very easy manner without giving out your private Credit card details with any of the websites offering different stuffs. There are many requirements to get a Credit card in Asian countries like you should have a bank account having a good Cash and if you are a Government employee then only you can apply for a Credit card.

Benefits of Virtual Credit Card

If you are an Asian then this Virtual Credit card enables you to send Funds to various people of the world. Its works as a VISA Card that means you can use it anywhere where in the world where VISA card can be used. This is a virtual credit card so stop bother about its condition and protection. A Virtual Credit card helps you to use the online shopping facility without giving out your credit card details with the shopping websites. You can control the balance on your card.

Why there is a need of Virtual Credit Card

In the today’s century the use of working online is emerging like a rising sun. People all over the world like to work online. Students are doing there all work online but due to some restriction from the online Bank i.e. PayPal. PayPal account holders from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, SriLanka are not be able to send money from their PayPal account to other people.

Sometimes while working online you need to send the funds to other person then you need a Virtual Credit card to send Funds. But for a student getting a Virtual Credit card is really a tough work as they are not having monthly salary nor they are having more cash in their accounts. Now what will be the solution for this problem? Credit card is the only way for this problem. You just need Virtual Credit card and use it online for your daily routine or shopping like a real Credit card or a VISA card. A virtual credit card is a credit card that does not originally present. You have particular credit card number, an expired date and a 3 digit CVV code. You do not have a bit of plastic that you can give to a store mercantile.

Enjoy your shopping using Virtual Credit Card, VCC & Facebook VCC.

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